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Drishti is a Sanskrit word that means “focused gaze “ or sight.


In physical practice, it refers to a singular point of sight when in postures (there are 9 points total).

In addition, it is a tool that allows us to develop our skills of intention, concentration, and meditation. Developing this skill allows us to look past distractions and focus our minds and our energy.


Who We Are

Drishti Yogini Sara Hart and Drishti Yogini Brooke Gutierrez have been practicing
Yoga + Meditation for over 20 yrs combined. 


Brought together in 2013, Sara + Brooke established Drishti Yoga in order to offer classes, workshops, and retreats exploring traditional Hatha Yoga themes to gain Ayurvedic awareness of the 5 elements (fire, air, either, earth, water) within your mind, body, and spirit.  


Drishti Yoginis offer beginner to advanced yoga classes called "Hatha Yoga + the 5 elements" online and in the studio. These sessions explore how the 5 elements in nature relate to your Asana (yoga posture) - Breath work (Pranayama). They also include meditation, how to use aroma for healing, and Crystal Reiki (a hands on subtle energy balancing practice) to bring balance and harmony to the heart, head & body. 


We aim to cultivate and nourish a commitment to learning, growing, connecting,

& healing as a lifestyle practice. 




Sara Hart is a yogini who is grateful to have found a lifestyle that supports her creativity & spirituality. Teaching Yoga + Meditation since 2009.


Sara Hart is the founder of The iHART Lens and creates fine art photography with wood and mixed media installations.


Art and yoga are combined to share her personal healing practice to live a creative & healthy life.


500 HR YTT


100hr Meditation Training YA

400hr Vinyasa Teacher Training YA 

Reiki Level I,II,III - Rishikesh India 

300hr Hatha Yoga Therapy - YA/India Universal




Brooke Gutierrez is real world yogini drawing from a long line of ancestral healers to share a yoga practice that combines the ancient wisdom of yoga and crystal reiki. Brooke maintains a self care yoga practice since 2009, earning her the title "lightbeam brooke" because of the guiding light she offers as a teacher and healer.


500 HR YTT


Reiki Level I,II,III - Rishikesh India 

200hr Hatha Yoga -YA/India universal

300hr Hatha Yoga Therapy  - YA/India Universal

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We believe that yoga is more than stretching and that a holistic approach to the practice of yoga gives us an opportunity for strengthening our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. The knowledge in this practice is practical and tangible. If used deliberately can help us navigate life gracefully, with vigor and balance. 


We affirm that a yoga space should be a safe, caring community where people are free to speak their minds and blossom and grow. We hope to serve as examples that healing (emotional/physical) is within our power. In providing these spaces, we have the opportunity to live our own (Yoga ) practice. This constant desire for learning is the core of yoga.