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Our immersion experiences, including workshops and retreats, range from 1.30 min to

full-day/week-long programs and typically incorporate multiple healing modalities:

yoga, sound healing, Reiki, Essential Oils, & Crystal enhancements.


Our immersions draw on the knowledge of the 5 elements and the natural cycles of the seasons within Ayurvedic teachings in order to support internal reflection and self-care. 

Workshops are facilitated in multiple settings: a private Yoga Studio, a private venue, & in the iHART Home Space, or contact us to create a tailor-made  private/semi-private immersion.


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Crystal Magic- Manifestation Workshop 2019

Mandala Making & Teas Dedication  2019

Healing Touch - Self Message + Crystal Reiki  2019

Yogic Gaze & Devine  Feminine Soud AIM 2019 

Yogic Gaze &  Devine Masculine Soud AUM 2019 

Monthly Healing Hikes: Yoga + 5 Elements  2018 -2019 

Healing Hands: Self-Care Coaching and Crystal Immersion (w/ Noor Pinna Coaching) 2020

Winter  Solstice Sound Immersion 2020

Bhakti Awareness with Partner Practice Yoga 2021

Drishti on Props : Yoga Fundementals 2021

Drishti on Spring : Water & Earth elements in Yoga + Meditation 2021

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