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I would definitely work with Brooke and Sara again, especially because of their deep attention to

merging the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual in practice.

I had 4 private, online sessions with Drishti Yoga. It was enough time to receive an embodied blueprint that I will use for the rest of my life to stay grounded and connected to my body. I found them during a chronic illness flare-up and decline in health, and they gave me some critical assistance and courage with correcting the energetic imbalances I was experiencing.


My sessions were cathartic, moving, challenging, hilarious, and so necessary. Not only did Brooke and Sara deeply witness me in my struggle, they actually got me out of it and laughing again.


- Li, Philadelphia PA


 I highly recommend the workshops that Brooke and Sara have facilitated.

Evidence of their collective experience and passion shines through with every endeavor

they embark upon.

I have attended a few of their workshops over the past few years, with each event I was showered

with peace and wisdom.

- Lorraine Hughes, RH (AHG)


I will be forever grateful to them for helping me, and I will no longer go

a week without some form of yoga.  THANK YOU, Brooke and Sara!

Early in 2020, the year of the global pandemic, I had the pleasure of working with the Drishti Yoginis. Several years ago, due to normal wear and tear, I hurt my back. It turned out that I had a bulging disc. For two years or so on and off, I had leg heaviness, lower right back pain, tingling in my toes on my right leg, and I often struggled to get comfortable in bed.  I went to physical therapy, and it helped a lot, but it still didn't "fix" it, so to speak.


My physical therapist recommended that I do yoga, she thought it would help. AND IT DID. I started working privately with Brooke and Sara via zoom in late March of 2020. For 8 weeks, they worked with me, listened to my body, helped me listen to my body, took the time, and made the effort in the midst of a global pandemic to tailor our private sessions to strengthen my back and improve my flexibility. 


Additionally, they helped me quiet my mind in what we all know to be a very frantic time. What they gave me was invaluable.  A normal day to day life without back pain and leg heaviness. 


- Lara,  Hudson Valley NY


What these ladies offer the community is genuineness, authenticity,
and their love of yoga, and it is purely evident.

I was fortunate enough to take the Winter Solstice workshop with Brooke and Sara in December 2020. Not only was it my first workshop with these amazing souls, but this was the first workshop that wasn't asana/physical-based, but more meditative, allowing me to connect to my mind/inner self. 

 From the environment to their tone and choice of words, to the meditative tone of the singing bowls, and the flow of the physical yoga practice. It was all perfect allowing those new or old to yoga to enter a peaceful non-judgmental environment where you felt comfortable in every facet. 

Especially in these times with COVID, safety precautions were met and even exceeded. They offered a zoom option which didn't take away from those that were in-person. I'm sure satisfied all clients! 


- Christine, Hudson Valley NY


My life seriously changed through their teaching and confidence came in small ways
that I never expected. I genuinely can’t thank them enough. I can’t wait to continue to
work with them in the future.

When I worked with Sara and Brooke in Private sessions (virtual and in-person) I didn’t believe I could do yoga or it was meant for me. They held structure, are trauma-informed, empathetic, and compassionate partners that allow room for grace. Together they push just enough to know “you got this” and make you feel glorious.

 I recently took a class from Brooke and Sara called Winter Solstice  Sound Immersion. I attended via zoom. It was just as beautiful as in person. I got a lot of information that was practical and, concrete ways to incorporate it into my daily life. Their teachings are filled with self-compassion, humor, love, and growth. They constantly hold you in a loving-kindness space to explore your emotions via breathwork and yoga.


- Noor, Kingston NY

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